"Tucker the Brave"

Our family dog Tucker!  When it was time to choose a pet for our family it was hands down ThistleGolden ’s.  I literally met the owner on the phone searching google and she could not have been more professional and caring and took the time to answer ALL of my questions and concerns. When Tucker was just a puppy he got into something that almost took his life and she was there once again with prayers and concerns and phone calls thru the entire time!  He pulled thru and has been amazing ever since!  His temperament and love and loyalty to our family are immeasurable.   I highly highly recommend this breeder.   If you would like to follow Tucker’s life .. feel free @tuckertime2 !


We couldn't be more pleased with our experience at Thistledown Farm Goldens. It's obvious that the entire Jamison family is committed to producing healthy, happy purebred dogs. We were impressed with your facilities as well as the wonderful, loving care given to all the dogs there. We are hoping for many happy years with our new companion. Thank you so much for giving Trigg such a wonderful start.

Update on Trigg
We can't tell you what a joy Trigg has been for us. It's been a year now since we lost our beloved Timber & Trigg has helped heal our hearts. He is sweet, curious, playful, friendly, calm and lots of FUN! He is a hit everywhere he goes. Can't imagine life without him. We are so grateful that we found Thistledown Farm. All of our Goldens have been special companions, but Trigg is exceptionally friendly and loving. The fact that he is beautiful is icing on the cake! So thank YOU, Bonny!

Valerie & Dennis Traynor


Lance is a BLAST! We keep saying how he is the perfect pup for our family. We are so thankful God led us to a wonderful breeder.

The Youngs


Rocky turns 8 months old today and he is doing wonderful! He has been letting me brush him every morning and wipe his paws down after our walks, to make sure he stays clean and healthy. He loves chewing on his bones, and chasing the Frisbee and his tennis balls outside. He’s able to stay out of his crate all day and lay by my desk as I work throughout the day without any issues. And then at night, he walks into his crate without any problem to sleep. His favorite thing lately is going for car rides. As soon as he hears that jingle of the keys he runs to the door!

He loves playing with kids and does a very good job of not jumping on visitors or new faces – and he loves running up to say hello to neighbors walking by. What a cutie he is!

Have a great day,




Buck is doing awesome! He is growing sooo fast. He has been an absolute joy for the past 2 weeks and he has adapted to his new home really well. We have found that the packet you gave us has been very helpful. He took to sleeping in his crate almost immediately and is unbelievably well behaved. I will follow up soon with some pictures. We took him to the vet last week and everything checked out great. Our vet has owned many goldens himself over the years and he was able to tell us that Buck is a great looking dog and behaves so well. Caitlin and I love him so much. Such an amazing dog!

Will Brackin



Caitlin and I love our puppy. He was male #4 in Rosie and J.J.'s Winter litter. His name is Buck and he's already 55 lbs. He is an incredible dog and he's been nothing but a joy for us. He was top of his class in puppy school! Caitlin and I are interested in getting another male puppy. We would like another J.J. sired pup!

Will Brackin


***Will and Caitlin will welcome home one of Ruby and J.J.'s boys in November!


Boone is such a blessing and totally a part of our family!

The Doores





Hi Bonny!

I just thought I'd let you know how JoJo is doing. She's growing so fast! She is definitely the happiest and most well adjusted puppy we've ever had and I give you guys complete credit because of the way you breed your dogs. You have such excellent, ethical standards and you treat your puppies like the wonderful creatures they are, rather than just a product to sell. I'm sure the way you treat them and socialize them is the key to the happy, healthy puppies you achieve. I know I said I didn't want a puppy but I am so glad we took her! She is so sweet and lovable and we can't imagine not having her. So, thanks again for our sweet JoJo. We just wanted to let you know she's doing really well! I've attached a photo.

Take care!

Diane Schober



Hi Bonny,

Just thought I’d show you an updated photo of JoJo. She is still the happiest dog on earth and, as you can see, she LOVES the pond! She’s wet more than she’s dry! We both love her so much! I know I said I didn’t want a puppy at first but I was so wrong. Thanks again for being such caring, responsible breeders.

Diane Schober