April 27, 2017

Hi Bonny and troops!!
I am so sorry that it has been so long since we have updated you on our progress! I am happy to tell you that Chance is doing amazing and he is, by far, the best (and CALMEST!!!) dog that we have ever had. You gave us exactly what we needed!! He is an absolute delight to be around, not to mention the fact that he is just about the most handsome guy ever!!

Everyone keeps telling us how beautiful he is and what a great, calm demeanor he has. The bonus of him is that he is not a destroyer. He is so good about just chewing on his toys (he really loves the stuffed ones!) and not on furniture. He will occasionally be busted with a shoe in his mouth but will quickly, and guiltily, relinquish it! He is doing so good with the kids (even Sean, the littlest tornado!) and they love him to death! We went to visit our old border collie yesterday and, as great as it was to see him, he is still overflowing with energy. It was so nice coming home to Chance who is equally excited to see us, but displays it in a less overwhelming way!!

He is growing like a weed and has a huge strip of curly hair that goes right down the middle of his back and all the way to the tip of his tail! I have included many pictures that will bring you up to speed since we got Chance in August. Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you!