“Bear” | Sugar – J.J. Pup 2012

April 27, 2017


Just had to write to tell you how much we love our little baby Bear. He and Nilly are just the best of buds and love to snuggle and wrestle. I can’t wait until he gets a little bigger and can give her what she’s giving to him in the wrestling department but he’s holding his own and isn’t afraid to keep up with her. They are darn near inseparable and it’s the sweetest thing I ever saw. I brought him in to my office last week so my staff and coworkers could see him and they all thought he was absolutely adorable (of course!) And just as you said, I had about five people tell me they couldn’t believe how calm he was. My mom said the same thing when they came to see him this past weekend. Too funny – couldn’t help but think of the fact that you said that’s a common comment on JJ’s pups. He truly is the best little guy we could have asked for. Thank you!!!

January 2016 Update

Can't thank you enough for my big, beautiful, silly boy. He makes my heart happy every day!