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“Jenny Rose”

Jenny had her check-up at the Vet yesterday. Passed it with flying colors. Healthy and strong and of course, beautiful! Everyone just loved her. The Vet was pleased and impressed that I had the health record from you. She said that doesn't happen that often there. She said that I found a great breeder.

Well, Jenny is a momma's girl. We have bonded already. She is a heartbeat at my feet. She loves to lay at my feet and sleep. That is her favorite position. I love her and Rosie so much. How blessed I am to have two wonderful Goldens. It is a lot of work, but worth every minute of it. I try to give Rosie and Jenny the attention they both deserve. It is a challenge with an older dog and the new puppy. Jenny has been very good around Rosie and seems to understand that she can't play.


Latest Update from Dana on her "Jenny Rose"


I am so sorry that I haven't written sooner. I do want to give you a report on my sweet Jenny. She is wonderful, We have bonded so close. She never leaves my side. Always with me and I love it. She is good like Rosie was, but much more affectionate. Rosie was more independent, but we had a special bond and I still miss her so much. I am so thankful that I have Jenny now. I just can't imagine my life without her now.

She is babyish, because that is how I have treated her. Loves to cuddle and lay on my lap. Every morning is cuddle time for us. I just can't express how much I love this wonderful dog. She has become my companion and friend. The truth is that she was the perfect dog for me. I am so glad that I let her pick me that first day. It was the right choice for both of us. I feel so blessed.

Bonny, she is so beautiful! She is white with gold highlights. Her head has gotten bigger as she has grown. When I look at her from a distance, it almost takes my breath away. She is gorgeous and striking. Everyone loves Jenny. She is special. Full of love and devotion to me.


Deepest love, Dana and Jenny



I am e-mailing you to give you an update on Parker! He is doing wonderful. He is all done with his shots and is a hit at the vet.

Everyone comments on how calm and beautiful he is. He also started puppy training....of course, he is the best one in the class 🙂

The first day of training, the trainer looked at me and told me "He is going to be a wonderful dog." She said he is an old dog in a puppy body, LOL! Thanks again for breeding such wonderful dogs.

The P. Family

“Bear” | Sugar – J.J. Pup 2012


Just had to write to tell you how much we love our little baby Bear. He and Nilly are just the best of buds and love to snuggle and wrestle. I can’t wait until he gets a little bigger and can give her what she’s giving to him in the wrestling department but he’s holding his own and isn’t afraid to keep up with her. They are darn near inseparable and it’s the sweetest thing I ever saw. I brought him in to my office last week so my staff and coworkers could see him and they all thought he was absolutely adorable (of course!) And just as you said, I had about five people tell me they couldn’t believe how calm he was. My mom said the same thing when they came to see him this past weekend. Too funny – couldn’t help but think of the fact that you said that’s a common comment on JJ’s pups. He truly is the best little guy we could have asked for. Thank you!!!

January 2016 Update

Can't thank you enough for my big, beautiful, silly boy. He makes my heart happy every day!

Mark & Cindy F.


Hi Bonny and troops!!
I am so sorry that it has been so long since we have updated you on our progress! I am happy to tell you that Chance is doing amazing and he is, by far, the best (and CALMEST!!!) dog that we have ever had. You gave us exactly what we needed!! He is an absolute delight to be around, not to mention the fact that he is just about the most handsome guy ever!!

Everyone keeps telling us how beautiful he is and what a great, calm demeanor he has. The bonus of him is that he is not a destroyer. He is so good about just chewing on his toys (he really loves the stuffed ones!) and not on furniture. He will occasionally be busted with a shoe in his mouth but will quickly, and guiltily, relinquish it! He is doing so good with the kids (even Sean, the littlest tornado!) and they love him to death! We went to visit our old border collie yesterday and, as great as it was to see him, he is still overflowing with energy. It was so nice coming home to Chance who is equally excited to see us, but displays it in a less overwhelming way!!

He is growing like a weed and has a huge strip of curly hair that goes right down the middle of his back and all the way to the tip of his tail! I have included many pictures that will bring you up to speed since we got Chance in August. Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Monique B. & Family


Hello Bonny!

Just a quick update to let you know Bently is doing great. As you can see from the photo, he is growing by leaps and bounds! He's already up to 15.5 pounds and has learned so much. He barks at the patio door go outside and usually runs right back inside after he finishes what we call "his business". If he gets distracted by a stick or a blowing leaf, a call of "Biscuit" brings him running every time. He loves his toys and plays to exhaustion and he would much rather nap in the sun by the door than on a nice blanket or bed. He sleeps through the night and has a great appetite.

He is the hit of our family and friends and loves all the attention he gets from them.

He's a precious guy and we love him dearly! Thanks again!

Pat, Tim & Bentley


An Update On Bentley
Hello Bonny!
Bentley is thriving and is spoiled beyond belief. He continues to be the light of our lives and everyone who meets him loves him...wet tongue and all. He is so smart and continues to learn new tricks. His biggest downfall is his desire to play tug-o-war with his leash on his daily walk, but we're working on it (slowly:-)!

Thanks again for breeding such a beautiful dog - we love Bentley with all our heart and he brings us laughter and joy each day!

Pat, Tim & Bentley

“Bentley” & "Duke"

Another Update!
In 2014, Pat received an amazing gift from her kids, a gift certificate from Thistledown Farm, entitling her to a new baby brother for Bentley! She chose a full brother, another Sugar-JJ Baby, and named him "Duke". The rest is happy dog history, as you can see from the pictures!

I am amazed at how well they have bonded and how each of them makes the other better! Having two is much easier!!!

Pat, Tim, Bentley & Duke


We love our Goldens! Especially our Thistledown girl, Carly.

Jacqueline & Robert


Dear Bonny,

An update on Penny: She is the absolute BEST dog I have ever seen! She is so sweet with the boys and is such a great house dog. We stopped crating her after we spoke last and she has done so well in the house. We have an invisible fence that runs around ours and the neighbors yard and our two dogs play outside together all of the time. Kim our neighbor is a stay at home mom with three boys similar in age to ours. She lets Penny out all the time while I am at work so Penny can play with "Appa" their Portuguese Water Hound (almost 1 years old).

J.C., her husband, loves Penny more that their own dog 🙂 I have included several pictures. I could not remember if I sent you any from the day we picked her up.

Thank you again!


Hi Bonny,

Annie is doing fine. She is adorable! She is also extremely smart 🙂 Yesterday, she already figured out how to go up the deck stairs and today, how to go down! Annie also learned to carry her towel without stepping on it. She has almost learned the sit command, too. As I write this, she is laying on my feet. If I move, she moves with me. I feel bad if I move when she is napping on m feet! I think I should have named her "Stress Therapy"!

Thank you again, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Eugene & Gabriela M.

Perfect Puppy – Perfect Transaction

I recently purchased a beautiful puppy from Thistledown Farms and couldn't be happier with the process and the puppy. Bonny and I exchanged email over the course of 3 weeks before I made my decision and she was always professional, informative, and low key in her sales approach. She made her warm home available for our visit and gave us ample time to make a decision. She made both the Mom and Dad available for us to view and she gave great detail about how our puppy had been raised, what he had been eating and his veterinary care. Our vet has pronounced our puppy "perfect" and said "you got a great one." I highly recommend Bonny and Thistledown Farm Goldens!

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